Friday, February 16, 2007

Father/Daughter Dance

Kenzie and Andy are off to a father/daughter dance at church tonight. Kenzie is so excited about this and has been talking about it for weeks. It will be fun to hear what she has to say about her very first dance.

Kearsyn had her 4 month check up the other day and is doing well. She now weighs 14lbs 1oz and is 23 inches long. She's gaining weight again now that she's no longer on her eating strike during the day from last month. Stubborn child! I think we're going to be in trouble when she gets older. LOL

I finally got all the data run from my programs...only took me 15 days when it normally takes me 2. Yikes! Of course, there are a still a few small issues that we are finding but we're cleaning them up one at a time so that hopefully we'll get them all and we'll have a smooth month next month. Hard to believe I'll be starting the process all over again in 8 days. Ugh!


Pam said...

How did the father/daughter dance go? Sounds like fun and something my daughter would love too! Glad to hear all went well at the Dr appt, I can't believe she is 4 months old already! Hope things on the work front get better for you *hugs*

xsquared said...

Oh, first dance, how exciting! Please post pics! I'm sure they looked terrific.

Sara Laughs said...

15 days, holy cow! I'm glad it's finally done. Here's hoping it's the beginning of things easing up for you.


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