Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I hope everyone that is able to vote did vote. I went in the afternoon and the polling place was pretty empty which was nice because then I could just run in, vote and still be home in time for Andy to leave to get Alex from school. This is definitely going to be a history making election, regardless of which party wins. Will be interesting to see the outcome.


Kristin said...

Lines were short at my polling site yesterday but the lines for early voting had been ridiculously long all week. Can you imagine what the lines would have been like yesterday without the early voting?

Martha said...

I hate elections but I voted anyway. I, as you know, did not bother to watch the news coverage. I don't need any added stress. I didn't hear about any early voting here and ours was one of the NY counties to vote red. Well, at least I can feel good about that.


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