Friday, May 08, 2009

A New Baby

And no it's not mine ;) My sister had her second son on May 6. Liam Joseph was born at 9:27, weighed 8lbs 8oz and was 20.5" long. Welcome to the world, Liam!


Margaret said...

Congrats to your sister and family. And welcome Liam!

Kristin said...

Congrats to your sis and her family!

CindyMae said...

Congrats to your sister and your entire family! How exctiting it is to welcome a new life into the family!

Susan said...

I am contacting you because you have left a comment on Velda's "The Climb" blog.


When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.

I know you know Velda has had some incredibly bad health news. It's going to be a rough journey for her, and she'll need a lot of support from her friends. Although we want to, we can't be there all the time for her... but I propose we make a token of our love and encouragement that she can keep by her side all the time as a reminder of the friends who stand with her.

A hug blanket, comprised of many squares knit or crocheted by those who care for her, would be just the thing. If you would be interested in contributing a square or two to a blanket for her, please email me as below.

I don't know how many people might be interested, so I can't say for certain what size of block I need. More to follow as I find out the level of interest in this project.

This project is best as a clandestine effort... I'd rather Miss V didn't know about it until we present the completed work to her. I don't have your email address so will post this to an older blog post so she's not likely to see it... you can delete this comment if you wish.

Thank you.



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