Friday, June 06, 2008


Tonight was mom's surprise retirement party and she was very surprised. Everyone did a great job of keeping it a secret. It was held at The Narrows which has a lovely waterview that you can enjoy while eating. There were about 30 people there that she works closely with everyday and everyone was commenting on how strange it was going to be not to have there at the start of the school year in the fall. She's been there for 30 yrs and I know it's going to be strange for her not to be there for the start of school. On the other hand, I know she's really looking forward to not having an agenda to follow everyday. She'll have the time to put into her flower beds, crafts, bike riding, etc...things that she has to try and fit in now...she'll be able to enjoy at her leisure soon. She got some lovely of which was a hand crafted bracelet that was designed by a guy she's work with at Josten's for years. She doesn't officially retire until June 30 so while she held up very well at the party today, I know the 30th will be hard for her. And I'm totally jealous as I'd love to be able to retire but that is nowhere in my near future. ;-)

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