Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I had my dentist appt this after
.noon to fix my broken tooth...which didn't end up getting fixed. He took a look at my tooth...checked out the edges to make sure they were sealed, checked to make sure my filling still looked intact. That all being good, he said he would prefer to wait until after I have the baby before doing the crown. Even though the numbing agents haven't been shown to have any ill effects on an unborn baby, he'd prefer to error on the side of caution. He did say to let him know if I started having any pain with tooth, at which point he would go ahead and do the crown regardless of whether we'd had the baby or not, but he's not expecting to have any issues. Let's hope he's right. So my visit took all of about 10 minutes during which we talked and filed my broken tooth a little so that it wasn't quite so rough...it feels much better. And now I'm off the hook for a few hundred dollars until hopefully the end of November. ;-)

And an unexpected bonus was the extra of working at home...and with gas prices the way they are now, I sure won't complain about the.


~Tammy said...


You'll always wear the crown in my book!

Glad to hear your tooth feels better.

Gas prices are nasty and it is just testament to the fact that is one of the reasons you're happy to be working from home. I know there are others, but crazy, eh!

xsquared said...

Always nice when a trip to the dentist turns out to be cheaper and less painful than expected! Fingers are crossed that the tooth doesn't cause any problems before the babe is born.


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