Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Summer is Officially Over

at least for our oldest. Alex started back to school today carrying with him about 30 lbs of books. It's amazing how much stuff he needs for his classes. It seems like he had a good day although he did come home with homework in his geometry easing into school there. LOL He's decided not to play soccer so it was nice having him home early in the afternoon.

The rest of the kids won't be starting back to school until after Labor Day although Andy doesn't seem too keen to want to start school at all this year. I think everyone has been enjoying their time off even though we haven't done much this summer.


Kristin said...

Sometimes the best summers are the laziest. Glad to see you back on the blog!

Martha said...

School should never start before Labor Day and preferably not before September 7th.

I am drowning in school books. I can't throw them out and I'm not quite sure who to give or sell them too. What if I need something again and I got rid of it? Aaaaaaghhhh! (they're like baby clothes...)

~Tammy said...

Sometimes the best way to spend time is doing nothing at all. It makes getting back in to the swing of everyday chores again all the more difficult.


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