Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unwanted Visitor

I was working this morning when Kenzie comes running into the room (Weds & Fri's are my work from home today) talking about the fish and frogs going crazy in our pond. When she went to investigate what the problem was, she found out that a brown snake was swimming around in the pond. While she watched the snake slithered out under our pool deck. Nice! NOT!

Was a nice day with all the rain showers that came thru...third day in a row that we've had rain..and things actually cooled off some this afternoon, contrary to what the weather forecasters were predicting this morning.

Andy came running in this afternoon as I was just about wrapping work saying that he was going kayaking because the wind was whipping up some pretty good waves in the river. He knew this because he'd just come back from a walk by the river with Adam. He heads out with Kenzie but they actually don't stay as long as I would have expected. Kenzie isn't quite as fearless as she lets on sometimes and didn't really like the waves trying to overturn her kayak.

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