Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Another MRI

Kenzie had her 3rd mri today in as many months. Here's hoping that this one shows some improvement when we talk to her dr on Monday, otherwise it will mean a bone stimulator machine and more months of recovery. She's getting a little ansy with being on crutches for this long.

Bekah had a nice speech class until the very end when she was coming back to meet me. Apparently, the water fountain in the hallway jumped out and attacked her on the head. Her teacher assured me that they would stay far away from the attacking water fountain next week. ;)

Work was well, work. Not much to say there.

Ty had karate class tonight. He got to do real sparring tonight which was fun to watch. I'm thinking it's going to take a bit for him to get is next's going to take some getting used to for him to actually face another person. So far they've just really been using pads to do all their moves against. It's different when there is another person across from you and you are expected to remember your punches and kicks and you determine which ones to throw instead of an instructor telling you what to do. Oh and remembering to keep your guard up while moving around the mat. Yeah, will take some time...but he loves it!


Full of Grace said...

Hi Stranger, Glad You are Back!!! :) Hoping the MRI went well!

Kristin said...

I sure hope Kenzi gets turned loose from the crutches soon.


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