Sunday, July 23, 2006

Going to a Concert...or not

It seems that our plans for the evening have changed and we won't be going to the outdoor concert after all. They've moved the concert inside which now means they'll be charging, it'll be more crowded and not anywhere near the same amount of fun so we are just going to wait until next month to go. But that means that I can sit back and relax this evening. My back is hurting me after doing some work today on cleaning out the baby's room some. I was trying to clean off some old dressers and they were a mess and my back doesn't do well with sitting on the floor right now. But at least they are clean. :)

Haven't done much today other than hem some pants. Finally got tired of my maternity pants being too short so I took the hems out and rehemmed them. What a pain that was.

I forgot to mention yesterday what a terrible drs appt Kenzie had. Well, I can't even really say it was a terrible appt because she didn't even get in to see the dr. DH took her and after sitting an hour in the waiting room he finally decided to leave. They kept telling him that she was the next one to be seen but after 40 minutes of being told this, he was sick of it. He had to get back to get the other kids from VBS so he couldn't have waited any longer. Then they gave him grief about rescheduling with a closer office...apparantley the dr she was seeing only works out of one office which is not the one close to us. We got this dr because she was the one working on call at the closer office the weekend we took Kenzie in. I finally had to call...was put on hold for awhile...then was asked for a number so I could be called. Finally got a call back in the afternoon with them giving us an appt for Monday afternoon with a different dr at the office close to us. Just pray that when DH takes her on Monday that he doesn't encounter another hour wait.

Stitchingwise - I didn't get any done last night but I do plan to work on my ornament tonight.


Margaret said...

What a mess with the doctor. I hope she gets seen quickly today.

~Velda said...

CRAZY doctor wait! I hope today is quick. Too bad about the concert. Try to put your feet up tonight :)


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