Friday, July 28, 2006

The Joys of Cooking Over an Open Fire

I came home from work today to the smell of a fire burning. When I walked out on our deck and peered over, there were all the kiddos, along with my hubby, huddled around our fire pit getting ready to roast hot dogs on sticks. That quickly progressed to roasting marshmallows...which I have to tell you that stale marshmallows do not roast properly. You definitely need to have fluffly marshmallows for roasting. Luckily they were able to find a bag of fresh ones so that kept them entertained for awhile. Then it was time for a dip in the pool. What more could you ask for?

I'm hoping to get caught up on some sleep this weekend. I haven't been sleep very well...been having terrible dreams the last few days about death...not sure why. I also haven't been feeling very back has been hurting, been crampy and just not feeling "normal". I'm hoping that this is related to my sleep issues and will resolve themselves once I'm able to get a decent amount of sleep which for me is something longer than 5 hrs or maybe it's just not having to wake up at 5am to go to work.

We have no plans for the weekend so it should be quiet. I hope to get the baby's room straightened out...need to go through all the boxes that got drug out of the attic, wash the clothes and put them away. Then the room will be back to some semblance of order. After that the only thing left to do in there will be to move the crib over but we'll wait until closer to the due date before kicking Bekah out. Oh, and I need to find some decorations for the wall although I might just leave my Noah's Ark items on the one wall. I love Noah's Ark!! I also hope to get some stitching done this weekend. Haven't done any at all this week...just been too tired and haven't been in the mood this week. Hopefully that will change soon.

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xsquared said...

Yummy! We've been toasting marshmallows over our grill - not quite the same as over a fire, but still delicious.


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