Monday, January 01, 2007

Ear Ache

That's how we rang in the new year last night. We went to Safe Harbor church's new year's eve party last night and were having a great time up until about 11pm when Kenzie starts clutching her ear and has tears running down her face saying that her ear hurts. How in the world a child can be happy go lucky one minute and in excruciating pain the next is beyond me. We stuck it out at the church until the new year and then we went home and got some motrin into Kenzie. Maybe this was a bad mommy moment, but I figured that even if we had left at 11 to go to the urgent care center the chances of making it before they closed at 12am were slim since we would have packed everyone up, gone home to switch vehicles then headed across the bridge to the urgent care place. And I wasn't at all looking forward to being out on the roads that late on New Year's Eve. I figured the motrin would do the trick until we were able to get in to be seen today. We got a 1:20pm appt this afternoon and sure enough she's got an ear infection. Poor thing...not the best of ways to start off the new year. Hopefully this isn't a sign of what the new year is going to be like.

Today is my last day of maternity leave and I'm in a very blah mood because of it and having to drive through the fog and rain to the urgent care center earlier hasn't helped any. :( Tomorrow I have to get up at the unspeakable hour of 5am to get ready to go to work. I'm so not looking forward to it and if there was anyway to avoid it, I sure would. Unfortunately we kind of need money in order to pay the bills although I think eating and having a place to sleep are highly overrated. LOL Andy would just say that I should talk to my boss about telecommuting but work isn't into that at this point...maybe at some point in the future they will be.

I think it's going to be an extremely long day for Andy and the kids tomorrow since Kearsyn still does not like eating from a bottle even though she's been getting one every day for over a month and a half now. Hopefully she'll catch on soon. Makes me very sad to think she's going to be so upset while I'm at work tomorrow.

Nothing exciting happening on this New Year's day...the kids are being bums, either watching cartoons or watching football games. Andy's doing some laundry. Kenzie's playing pool. Pretty boring around here. Hope things are more exciting elsewhere.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Martha said...

Happy New Year.

xsquared said...

Poor Kenzie! And poor Mommy, hope today isn't too hard for you and Kearsyn.

my4blessings said...

Ouch on the earache, I've always marvelled at how quickly the mood can change when one of my littles suddenly is not feeling well. Thinking of you today, Miss Vicki! (((HUGS)))

Sara Laughs said...

I hope Andy has a better day than expected. As for the earache, I wouldn't have bothered going to urgent care at that hour either. The next time one of your kids has an ear ache, try this home remedy. It works wonders for us. Warm up a tablespoon of sweet or olive oil (corn oil will do in a pinch but it's not as good) and put a few drops in the offending ear. Have the child lay on the opposite ear for a while to let the oil soak into the ear canal.

Hope today goes well for you back at work Vicki!

Cindy said...

I feel for your little one. I had to go through 3 ear surgerys with my oldest due to ear infections and I also have problems on occasion. In my opinion an ear ache and tooth ache are the worst pain in the world. I hope Kenzie is feeling better soon!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Jaime said...

I hope Kenzie is feeling better today.
((HUGS)) I am sorry you are back at work today. I am sure it isn't easy

Margaret said...

I hope Kenzie's feeling better. Thinking about you today!

Happy New Year.


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