Thursday, January 04, 2007

Stressed Already

I've only been back to work 3 days and I'm already feeling stressed. I came home today with the worst headache...actually still have it so why I'm trying to type right now is beyond me. I know the headache is work related. I think everyone thinks I can do everything all at the same time. I had a couple of things that I knew needed to be worked on when I went back but I've other assignments given to me that are cutting into the time I need to spend on the other items. Plus they are all due Monday or Tuesday next week. I still haven't figured out how I'm going to get it all done but I can only do so much so I'm really trying not to worry about it but the headache is telling me that subconsciously I am worried.

Kearsyn has done pretty well with drinking from the bottle during the day up until today. She's even been super grumpy with me since I got home so I'm not sure what's up with her today. She didn't even really want to nurse when I got home which is so unlike her.

Kenzie had her first softball practice for this year. Trying to coordinate getting me home from work in time to get her to practice on time is a challenge. Thankfully there was no traffic today so I made it without a problem. She hasn't been complaining anymore about her ear hurting her so the medicine must be working.

I'm so incredibly tired it's not even funny. And I'm so looking forward to the weekend although that's going to be somewhat messed up cause Andy, Alex, Connor and Kenzie are going on a White House Tour Saturday morning and need to leave the house by at least 7am (edited to include the word House since hubby so nicely pointed it out to me. LOL). I had to pick Connor and Kenzie up from choir last night and was falling asleep in the car while I was waiting for them to finish up. I'm hoping Kearsyn goes to sleep early tonight...she did 10:30pm last night which was nice but was then up at 4:30am because she was hungry. After feeding her and getting her back to bed, I just stayed up as there was no sense in me going back to bed then.

My sister is still trying to get over to finish up Christmas with my parents...they went to her DH's family for Christmas and they couldn't come over last weekend because her DH had to work. I have a couple of things here for them that I completely forgot about when I gave them their other gifts. That's what sleep deprivation does to you. LOL They were going to try and come over this weekend but mom was saying something about wanting to go over to their place to check out their most recent renovations...Megan, they're currently doing bathroom renovations but they are doing them themselves. I think I'm going to just end up meeting her for lunch one day...she's works close to where I do and we try to get together for lunch every couple of weeks.

That's about it from here...same old stuff. ;)


Andy said...

That's White "House" Tour (where the President lives) for those of us who are awake and not so stressed :o)

Martha said...

Hope Baby's ears don't hurt.

Jaime said...

I am sorry you are so stress right now with work.
It will get better eventually.LOL
maybe you can just take 20 minutes a night to just relax and decompress.
I hope the headache goes away soon!

Tina said...

(((hugs))) that sounds very stressful!!! I hope things calm down soon. Well, relatively calm... you know what I mean. LOL

MiPa said...

Praying your routine settles soon and that stress lessens. Take care of yourself!

Cindy said...

I am so sorry you are so stressed, but I can totally see why! ))))HUGS((((( I hope things calm down a bit soon!!

Sara Laughs said...

Oh Vicki, I'm so sorry to hear you're stressed. I'm sure the transition back to work has not been easy for you and that has to be adding stress as well. Praying for your peace!


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