Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Since it was such a gorgeous evening, we decided that we’d go to the carnival tonight. Alex was working at the fish bowl stand as part of his volunteer work for the firefighters so he didn’t get to go on any rides. Andy and I split up…Andy getting Connor, Kenzie, Ty and Keari and I got Tay and Bekah. It was such a fun time watching Bekah on the rides. She thoroughly enjoyed them this year which was evident by the fact that she rode every kiddie ride available and then started back through them all again. LOL Since Tay isn’t as adventurous as his brother, he made a good partner for Bekah…although she didn’t need one. She definitely had no fear about getting on any of the rides. In fact, when we wandered over to see what the older kids were up to, she was insistent on riding on the big kids swing…which is the one big kid ride that Tay will ride…and was very upset when I wouldn’t let her. Older kids had just as good a time…they love a ride that looks like a big roller…takes forever to load and unload that ride but they stood in the line to ride it twice.

And it wouldn’t be a carnival without a funnel cake and this years was delicious.

If you’d like to see a few pics, click here which will take you to my hubby’s blog where he posted the best of the pics I was able to get. Very hard to take pics of kids on moving rides. ;)

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~Velda said...

sounds like lots of fun and looks even funner!!!


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