Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Day on the Water

Yay! Our kayaks arrived this morning, so after a quick lunch we headed down to the river pulling our kayaks on our homemade carrying cart. Amazing what you make out of old stuff that you have laying around the house. I had Kearsyn and Taylor in the kayak with me while Andy took Bekah and Tyler. We had a great time although it was a bit windy which made steering the kayak a bit challenging. Keari did great! I was a little worried that she wouldn't stay still but she did and at one point Tay said she was even trying to fall asleep. Of course, I kept dripping water on her from paddling so that didn't work too well. LOL Alex, Connor & Kenzie missed out on the maiden voyage as they spent the day on a friends boat but Andy did take them out when they got home. They all seemed to enjoy it. Now we know to what to ask the grandparents to get them as Christmas presents...two kayaks for all of us just isn't going to be enough. ;)

Andy has some pics of the kids and the new kayaks here if you want to take a look.

1 comment:

~Velda said...

How fun, altho you wouldn't catch me in them lol...water torture huh? Poor Keari lol


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