Saturday, June 30, 2007

Family Time

It started out by us going to by an early family Christmas present...yes, I do know that it is only the end of June but we'd been talking about what we were going to get as our family Christmas gift this year when it dawned on us that we should by kayak's since the kids enjoy them so much and we live within walking distance to the river, and if we get them early we could use them this, this morning we went to the marine store and purchased two RTM Tango kayak's. One looks like the one below which is a fishing version...which means it includes a hole to put your fishing rod in and a built in tackle box and the standard version in blue.

After that, we headed to Sykesville to visit my aunt and family for the day. It was a beautiful day...we played outside, ate crabs, shrimp, hotdogs & hamburgers then headed home in the afternoon so we could get to church on time since the boys served...not that we don't normally make it to church on time. ;) LOL

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Oh what cool gifts!


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