Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lots of Pictures

Too bad I haven't a clue what any of them mean. Taking a wild guess at the bone scan one not showing any "hot spots" on the collar bone where she is having the pain, I'd say that is hopefully good news for not having an infection and definitely not being broken. The MRI is just a bunch of jibberish to me. LOL

Kenzie was a real trooper today and did great with both tests even though she was very nervous. She got the dye injected around 8 this morning, they took a few pictures to make sure the dye was traveling through her system correctly and then we told we could go and to be back at 11. With 3 hours to kill, I decided to take her to get her hair cut since she's wanted be to do that for a few weeks now. She was very happy to get that done. =) I also got mine cut, then we ate something real quick before heading back for the after pictures. With those done, we headed up the street to get the MRI done. Wow, what an interesting machine! I had no idea it made as many strange sounds and was as loud as it was. Kenzie, again, did great and stayed still thought all the picture taking.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring us good news although if it's not broken and it's not an infection, I'm not sure what that means is causing her pain. Maybe the blood work she had done will something.

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