Friday, June 29, 2007

A Fun Day at Work

Today was our semi-annual department outing. This year we dined at Carrol Creek Restaurant for lunch. I had a salad, crab cake and vanilla ice cream and it was delicious. Our tables were overlooking the water which was just beautiful. Afterwards, plans were to take a boat ride. Since we had some time before the boat was to leave, we all decided to take a walk through downtown Annapolis. If you looked at the linked map, we actually started our walk at the bottom right hand corner of the map. If the map was extended farther down, you would see that Compromise Street goes across a bridge into Eastport. Carrol Creek Restaurant is on the other side of the bridge. We walked from the restaurant, across the bridge, up Main Street to St Anne's Church and then back down the other side of Main Street (had to make sure we saw all the shops and restaurants on both sides of the street ;). Downtown Annapolis is such a beautiful place with all it's old buildings and unique shops. It was a fun way to pass the time. We then all regrouped, got a few drinks...which our boss paid for ;) ...and then headed for the boat where we took a 40 minute ride offered by Watermark aboard the Harbor Queen. It was a lovely trip on the Severn River that included sights of historic Annapolis and the Naval Academy. It was a wonderful way to spend the day. Too bad every work day can't be this way. LOL

I wonder how we'll top this outing next year. In the past, we've done games at Jillian's and picnics in Centennial Park.

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