Sunday, June 03, 2007

Final Recital

This afternoon was the last piano recital for the kids this year. It's their teachers end of year recital where he has all the kids play a piece and then goes over what was done throughout the year. It's fun to hear all the kids play. I was surprised by how many recitals Connor, Kenzie, Taylor & Tyler did throughout the year. I never would have guessed it was so many. Their teacher goes through the different events and either has the kids stand to be recognized or hands them a little something depending on the event. I think Connor came away this year with the most seemed like everytime we turned around his name was being called. Got pretty tiring having him climb over us to get out of the pew to get his items...we should have just stuck him on the end of the aisle. LOL He got a really nice plaque for playing in the Chamber Choir recital, a medal for another recital and two for getting the highest score on a Music Theory test...he scored 103 (highest score possible was 105 which included 5 bonus points) and his other present was for most practicing student throughout the year. Their teacher has a big chart hanging on his wall where he evaluates the kids after every lesson with a different color star. At the end of the year he tallys up all the stars in his super secret way and comes out with the top for his first year students and one for those that have been with him longer than a year. Connor fell into the later category.

I'm so proud of all of them. They all work very hard at their piano lessons and they really seem to enjoy them. Tay was scared to death when it was his turn to perform tonight...he was the first one of the we skipped him and by the end he had decided he was ready to perform. Every one gave him an extra applause because they recognize how hard it is to get up in front of a crowd to perform. Tyler didn't bat an eye this time, whereas last year he reacted just like Tay far one can come in a years time. And Kenzie did great, as well. Now they get a break for the summer and will pick back up again this fall.

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