Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pea Soup

It's not something that I like to eat and it's certainly not something I like to drive in. What a terrible morning to be out driving. It was so foggy I could barely see to get of our neighborhood. And I really hate driving in the foggy...it's kind of creepy, the way wisps of fog reach out to your car as you drive by...and you lose all your landmarks so it feels like you are driving in unknown territory even though it's a road you've traveled hundreds of times, like you could fall into an abyss around the next corner. Times seems to expand while driving in the fog...not sure why although I'm sure it has to do with not being able to track your driving progress through the normal landmarks so it feels like you aren't going anywhere. Thankfully I made it to work without any problems but I sure don't want to make a drive like that every morning.

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