Sunday, February 03, 2008


Connor and Kenzie had their Winter Recital at St. Johns College in Annapolis today. It's a cool old college that was founded in 1649 and the building they play in is ancient...doesn't look anything like you would picture a college classroom looking like. There's big fireplaces in each classroom (although they have them blocked at this point). The piano sits in the entrance hall to the building...which extends from the front of the building all the way to back...and the room has a balcony that goes all the way around and portraits of past college presidents on the walls. Today I was sitting beside the guy that was president in the 1860's with the cool dress attire from that era.

Okay, so all that has absolutely nothing to do with the recital but I think it's pretty cool and there's alot of history on this campus and the kids enjoy playing here. Both Connor and Kenzie played really well although each made a mistake but they worked through it without any problems. After Connor was done and got his music back, this was a judged event, he started flipping pages so he could show me the exact note that he'd made the mistake if I'd really know. He claimed that his pinky finger knew which note to play but his brain kept saying "No, no" and wouldn't let his pinky play it. LOL The kid cracks me up!

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