Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rain, rain

and more rain. What a terrible day to take a drive. The day started out with just enough rain to cancel all the sports activities for the day so we took advantage of the free day by going to have our family portrait done. We were done with that by lunchtime, so decided to head over to Andy's parents so they could see Adam. Well, if we had known it was going to be raining cats and dogs on the other side of the bridge, we would have just stayed home. And it continued to rain cats and dogs the entire way over to their house. We got soaked running from the van to their was crazy. The rain was coming down so fast that it couldn't drain off the roads fast enough so there were rivers running down the streets. Ugh! No fun! But it was a nice visit and the rain finally decided to let up about the time we were leaving so at least we didn't have to face the deluge on the way home too.

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