Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Sick

Keari is still feeling poorly today. I should have know just how poorly when she turned down the offer of a couple of M&M's. Or course, right after I offered them, she proceeded to get sick so guess she knew something that I didn't. ;)

Today was calm compared to yesterday. Only had to worry about getting Connor to piano practice tonight. I usually spend the hour reading but tried to finish getting some work organized. That seems to be a never ending cycle which is about to do it's monthly repeat come Monday. I think I got everything organized, notes written up, just need to get them typed up and sent out tomorrow.

Hubby calmed me as I was on my way home to tell me a story about our youngest. They were putting stuff away and Andy found a sticker and stuck it on Adam's forehead. Adam pulled it off and it stuck to one of hands and he wanted Andy to get it off. So Andy pretended to take it off Adams hand, then showed Adam that his (Andy's) hands were empty, at which point Adam realized it was still stuck to his hand. Adam then grabbed the sticker with his opposite hand, and you guessed it, it got stuck there. Andy repeated the process of pretending to take the sticker, etc. After Adam transferring the sticker back and forth between his hands a few times, he finally got tired of the "game" and stuck the sticker back on his forehead. He was quite satisfied that the sticker was no longer stuck to hands. Not sure he realized that he was right back to where he started. LOL

Ty, Tay and I have eye appts in the morning. That's always a fun time. ;) Ty, the crazy person that he is absolutely the eye puff pressure test. He's the only child I know that actually likes to have air blown into his eye. Like I said...crazy! :)

I told him Saturday after his belt exam, that I wanted to started practicing with him each night but so far we haven't been able to do it. Last night my shoulder hurt too much and tonight I got back too late from Connor's practice. Tomorrow is a new day, though.

Not much else happening. Think I'll sign off and read for a bit before heading to bed. At least I know I don't have to worry about getting up early for work tomorrow. Of course, one of the kids is always up early so there is rarely ever any sleeping in late in this house.

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