Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ice Skating

First it was a dance, now it's ice sad is it that my kids go to more activities than I do? LOL Andy and all the kids except Kearsyn and Bekah are off to to an ice skating party with their 4-H group.

Kenzie and Andy had a great time at the father/daughter dance the other night. Andy didn't even embarress Kenzie with his dancing...he'd threatened to do the PeeWee Herman dance. LOL Here's a pic they took while at the dance.

No matter how many projects we do around the house, there are always more to do. This weekend Andy removed some old sliding glass doors from the doorway between our old family room and old screened in porch. We converted the porched into the classroom a few years ago and kept the doors in so that room couls be shut off from the rest of the house. We have since converted that room into our family room, classroom has moved to a room we built in the garage and old family room has been turned into te game room complete with pool table, air hockey table and foosball table. Here's a pic of the doorway...really makes things feel much more open. We have a small gas stove next to the bookcase that you see in the pic. We're going to move the bookcase and put the gas stove where the bookcase was, that way it will be able to heat both rooms better.

Lastly, I worked on sorting Kearsyn's drawers earlier today. She's grown so much that it was time to get bigger clothes out for her. And here's a pic of the little sweetie. =)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Father/Daughter Dance

Kenzie and Andy are off to a father/daughter dance at church tonight. Kenzie is so excited about this and has been talking about it for weeks. It will be fun to hear what she has to say about her very first dance.

Kearsyn had her 4 month check up the other day and is doing well. She now weighs 14lbs 1oz and is 23 inches long. She's gaining weight again now that she's no longer on her eating strike during the day from last month. Stubborn child! I think we're going to be in trouble when she gets older. LOL

I finally got all the data run from my programs...only took me 15 days when it normally takes me 2. Yikes! Of course, there are a still a few small issues that we are finding but we're cleaning them up one at a time so that hopefully we'll get them all and we'll have a smooth month next month. Hard to believe I'll be starting the process all over again in 8 days. Ugh!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snow Coming?

While it's still a little early, they are calling for some kind of snow/icy mix to hit our area tomorrow night thru Tuesday and wouldn't you know that we are due to have baby chicks arriving tomorrow. Those are going to be some cold little chickies. We also have Kearsyn's drs appt on Wednesday morning and then I've got one in the afternoon so lets home hope if it does snow that the roads are clear by then.

Alex had a great time skiing. Apparantly he and another kid were the first ones on the slopes and the last ones off. He's ready to go skiing again already. LOL He's off to play indoor soccer tonight.

Kearsyn is getting another cold so she was up pretty much all night last night. Poor thing...although I didn't really have much sympathy for her around 5am. ;-)

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ski Trip

Alex left last night for his very first over night event with his youth group. They are going to spend the day skiing, snowboarding or tubing...whichever activity they Roundtop today. Alex chose to try skiing. They left last night, spent the night with their sleeping bags in a church up there and then were hitting the slopes early this morning. The camping in the church was good because it saved on expenses...they got to sleep at the church for free so only had to provide money for food last night and for the activity today. I'm anxious to hear how he did as this will be his first skiing attempt. I'm sure he's having a blast right about now. =)

Andy and Kenzie are down in Trappe for her Saturday softball practice. She's discovered that she loves to pitch the softball so we'll see how much of that they are doing today. I logged onto work for a little bit to get some programs started that take about 5 hrs each to run. Thought I'd try getting a jump on things so I'm not waiting around Monday morning for the data. I'm already running about a week behind getting this particular data updated so hopefully this will help me catch up a little. Now I'm off to try and clean the house a little.

Hope all is well with everyone out there and hopefully it won't be another 2 weeks before I'm able to get back here again. ;)


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