Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Break

but not a good one. Kenzie has another broken collar bone. Near as we can figure she did this during her softball tournament on 5/19. She was playing first base and was run into by a base runner. She commented that her arm hurt a little but she continued to play that game and then 2 others that day plus one on Sunday. I'm not sure what triggered it but Monday night she said she was in alot of pain and couldn't sleep...not that she let us know that. When I got home yesterday from work, she was talking about it hurting and when I felt her collarbone she has a definite knot there. I ended up taking her in last night to the urgent center to get xrayed where a very condenscending dr waited on us. He basically he thought we were nuts when we said we thought this happened over a week ago and then when he asked her if she could raise her arm above her head and she could, he said that basically eliminated the possibility of her collarbone being broke but that they would xray it if we really wanted them to. Ugh!! Just because she can move her arm doesn't mean that it's not broken. Turns out it's been so long since it was broken that it had started to heal. Kenzie's really upset cause this means means she's going to miss at least the next 3 tournaments and possibly the final one as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Buckets of rain fell on me during my drive home tonight. Talk about a nasty drive. It started pouring just as I was getting ready to leave the office and continued to pour as I continued to drive. I'm not one that generally has any problems driving in bad weather but it finally got to the point when I was about halfway home that I had to stop. It was raining so hard that my wipers on high speed couldn't keep up and the wind was blowing so hard. The combination made it nearly impossible to see so I decided it would be best to get off the road for a little while to see if I could wait out the worst of the storm. I stopped, grabbed a bite to eat and got back on the road about a 1/2 hr later. By that point the rain had slacked off but now there was an accident that shut down 2 of the 3 lanes at the bridge going through Annapolis so I got stuck in all that mess. 3 hours after leaving work I finally made it across the Bay Bridge but I still couldn't go home. We were going to church tonight for Ascension Day...the boys were serving...and I made it with 5 minutes to spare. Whew!

Monday, May 14, 2007

An Ear Full

Well not really but Keari does have her first ear infection...albeit a very, very, very slight slight that the dr almost didn't feel the need to say anything about it. For the past 5 nights she hasn't been sleeping well at all...has a terrible cough that keeps waking her up. Andy took her in today to get her checked out. We have a prescription for her but because the infection is so slight, I think we are going to hold off getting it filled. She's more bothered by the coughing...which I think is caused by post-nasal drip (allergies maybe) than her ear hurting her. Hopefully she'll be able to get some sleep tonight so we'll all be able to get some sleep. ;)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the moms out there enjoy their day today.

I'm off to my parents house in a little while. My sister and her husband will be coming over to help celebrate the day. Should be an enjoyable day with lots of good food. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Reprieve

Today was to be a crazy day...practice in Easton @ 9, game at Love Point @ 9, game at Mowbray @ 9:30, game at Love Point @ 1:30, piano recital @ church @ 4. There would have been just enough time between the 3 early games to run home, grab a bite to eat, get 3 showers done and then get back to the field for the afternoon game, run home to grab a quick shower before heading to piano. Andy did the Easton trek, dropped Kenzie off, then went to Lowe's in search of driveway sealer and plants. He also dropped Alex off at practice before his game. I took the rest of the kiddos to the twins game @ 9:30. While there, we ran into Connor's coach (afternoon game) and discovered that game was cancelled due to coach and some players being sick. So that freed up our afternoon. Yay! So instead of running around like crazy people, we all came home after the morning games, my dad came down to drop off a load of mulch, I went to the store to look for a mother's day gift, showers have all been taken and we are just hanging out waiting til it's time to go to the recital.

Alex's team won this morning...they actually had the slaughter rule invoked which is unusual for their team. The twins also did well. It was the first game where they had kids pitch to each other and it actually went pretty good. Tyler scored a run and also tried to stop a line drive with his leg. Ouch! Tay had some good swings at the ball but wasn't able to connect...hopefully next. He needs to learn a little patience and not swing at every ball that comes in.

And for something completely different...can you tell what's lurking in the leaves?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Daddy Who?

I do believe Bekah was upset with her daddy for leaving her for a week if her reaction to him this morning is anything to go by. When she woke up, she ran down the hallway to give me a hug and kiss...looked at Andy when he said good morning to her (she didn't know he had arrived home late last night)...and ran back down the hallway to her room. She came back a little bit later but still wouldn't acknowledge him. She's made up with him now but I think it took bribing her with gifts from the Grand Canyon to do it. Nothing like a 2 yr old in a snit. LOL

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Short Game

The twins had a game tonight which was an adventure getting to. It started with me asking the boys, hours before we had to leave mind you, if they knew where everything was that they would need for the game. They assured me they did but of course when it comes time to go, they are missing something. Then Bekah decides to have a totally disgusting diaper as I'm carrying her to van which meant I had to throw her in the bathtub and do a quick change myself. Eww! So we are finally able to leave and head for the main road only to find it jam packed with cars. Quick change of plans put me on the back road to the field but of course that was packed with cars as well...that always happens when there is a problem on the main road. The trouble tonight was a very serious accident on the westbound Bay Bridge that resulted in 3 deaths and the bridge being completely shut down. I'm finally able to get through all the traffic and get the boys to their field, which of course is the one that we have to go down by the bridge to get to. It's a good thing we were able to get there because prior to us arriving they only had 5 players for their team. They decided to go ahead and start with the 7 and just play short handed as the game was already 15 minutes late getting started. The kids played great...alot of very short innings due to excellent an hour later we were done. That almost never happens. I didn't think we'd have any trouble getting back home because the accident was in the opposite direction but I was soon to find out that they had started detouring westbound 50 onto the road I was traveling on and then back onto eastbound 50. That meant that all of us had to get detoured onto a side road early so as not to interrupt the U turn they had created at overpass for turning this westbound traffic around. Needless to say my 10 minute trip to and from the park was much longer tonight but we finally made it home. I'm very thankful that I was off this week because I would have normally been coming home around the time of the accident and would have gotten caught on the other side of the bridge.

Mom took Kenzie to her softball practice and then because of the mess down here just decided to keep her overnight. I know Kenzie is loving having her grandparents to herself for a change.

Andy landed safe and sound and is now trying to get home through the traffic. It looks like it's cleared out some from earlier so hopefully he won't have a long wait at the bridge to get over. The westbound side is still shut down and has been since 4pm this afternoon. They are looking whether there was any structural damage done to the bridge during the accident. Let's hope not because that's my one and only way to get to work although I don't have to go back until Monday. Here's one of the pics that they've had on the newspaper sites from the accident. At the time this accident happened, that far left lane has traffic heading in the opposite direction from the way these vehicles are facing. The Jerridan you see in the picture wasn't there to help tow away damaged vehicles...he was actually involved in the accident. This accident ended up involving 7 vehicles and was caused when a trailer came unhitched from an suv. The bridge was reopened around midnight after an inspection deemed there to be no structural damage. What a terrible tragedy.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baseball Anyone?

Over the last two nights, I've been to 6.5 hrs of baseball with 2.5 more to come tomorrow. It's been beautiful weather and I actually got to see Alex's team play last night. It's the first time season that I've gotten to watch him play. They did great...won 11 -7...and Alex had some great plays in the field and assisted in making two outs in one of the innings. Connor's team played tonight and they also had a good game. Connor got the first hit for his team...took til the 4th inning...but when he hit it, he hit it good. Ended up with a triple and an rbi. He also scored that inning. He also had a good hit his next time up to bat.

Tomorrow Kenzie has softball practice which mom has agreed to take her to so I can get the twins to their game. Some things I can do on my own but getting them all to their games tomorrow when they start at the same time and are 40 miles apart isn't possible.

Andy comes home tomorrow from his trip and I know everyone is excited to have him back. It sounds like he's been having a good time and he was telling me tonight that he now wants to move to Utah.

Tag! I am innocently going along today and find out that I've gotten tagged by not one, but two lovely ladies, Holly & Sara. LOL Okay, let's see what I can come up with.

Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1) Since Friday night I've been a single mom to 7 kids while my DH is on a much deserved vacation with his dad. I'm not quite sure how he does it everyday. I haven't even attempted to do school since he's been gone and all I've been able to accomplish is washing some clothes everyday and getting the kids fed. Not a big feat, huh? I have managed to get their kids to all their scheduled activities.

2) I've been working for the same company for 18+ years...the same amount of time that I've been married.

3) I'm hoping to be able to go out to dinner for our anniversary again this year, although I'm hoping for a better place than we went last year...or maybe it was just my pregnancy hormones that made me grumpy after our hour + wait for dinner.

4) I'm going to be an aunt come the end of October. I'm secretly hoping the baby will come on my birthday (she's due Halloween). =)

5) I can't wake up unless I take a shower in the morning.

6) I used to ride a motorcycle to middle and high school.

7) I majored in math in college yet took a job in chemistry when I graduated. That job lasted a week. I wonder why??

And since I'm so late responding to this, I'm sure everyone's blog I read will have already done this meme so I won't name anyone specifically but if you are reading this and haven't been tagged, consider yourself tagged. ;-)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Walk

It was another beautiful evening so after dropping Alex off at youth group, the rest of us headed to terrapin beach. This time I had Kearsyn, Bekah, Kenzie, Tay, Ty & Connor along for the walk. We had a good time...found some toads along the to solve a maze that some had drawn in the sand. As you can see, the kids were being their normal goofball selves. LOL

This is the view we saw as we were leaving the bay and heading back to our van. I was teasing the kids that if we didn't hurry we were going to get locked in the park because it closes at sunset. That got the older ones hurrying but it did nothing to get Bekah moving. She was quite content to meander along looking at the toads, swans, bugs and whatever else we happened to see along the way. By the time we made it back to that parking lot, we were the only vehicle left. The kids were much relieved when we made it to the exit and found it still open although they had locked off the incoming lane, although I think they were secretly hoping that we'd be stuck because they were already making plans on how to get out through the locked gate...none of which would have been good for our van. Glad I didn't have to implement any of their plans. LOL

Sunday, May 06, 2007

1 Tie and 3 Losses

That is the result of this weekends softball tournament in Westminster. The first game they played ended in a tie which is great. I think this is the first time the girls have gotten that close to winning a game this season. The second game they lost but game back from a huge deficit to get within 5 runs. I think that's awesome because it shows that the girls didn't give up even when they were so far down. Unfortunately the 3rd game and the Sunday game were both slaughters...poor girls. The are an extremely young team and they make improvement every week so one of these days they will have their first win. Hopefully it will be sometime soon.


This number represents the number of miles that I will not be walking today. Today was supposed to be the annual Bay Bridge walk but it's been cancelled due to high winds. Alex and Connor are really bummed...especially Connor because he's never done the walk before and he was really excited to be getting to go this year. Alex did this walk a number of years ago. They don't reschedule the event so we'll have to wait until next year to try again. Let's hope for better weather then.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Longest Hour

When does 60 minutes feel like a lifetime? When you are in church with two 7 yr olds, a 2 yr old and a 6 month old. Usually Alex and Connor are around to help with the younger ones but they were scheduled to serve tonight and to be honest, if they hadn't been scheduled to serve, I probably wouldn't have taken any of them to church cause I know how they act up when it's just me. If there had been a way to take Bekah and Kearsyn out of the church I would have done so about halfway through but Bekah was in such a mood she wouldn't have gone out easily and I can't carry her and the baby at the same time. By the end of mass, I was just hanging my head praying that it would be over soon. I had one lady come up to me afterwards and say that I was a brave woman and how much she enjoys the kids. I'm not sure everyone shared her sentiment tonight. I'm just thankful that Andy will be back for next Saturday's mass.

The Craziness Begins

Okay, well I guess some would laugh at that title and say that our craziness began a long time ago. LOL The current craziness is due to Andy taking his annual trip with his dad. He left last night and they are currently winging their way to Las Vegas as I type. Among other things, they will be visiting the grand canyon and hoping to do the donkey down the canyon. How cool! and I'm quite jealous about it. But I'm looking forward to being off work for a week...with as crazy as things have been there, I definitely need the break.

So far I'm on schedule this morning. I've gotten two kids off to their respective games, albeit by other sources but hey, at least they are getting there. Kenzie is on her way to Westminster for her softball tournament. She has three games to play today and then the coach wants to take them out to dinner afterwards. How nice is that? Then they at least one more game tomorrow in Westminster. Depending on whether they win that first game determines whether they play others tomorrow. Alex has a 9am game, Connor and the twins have 11:30 games. Of course, Connor and the twins games are at two different parks. Nothing is ever simple. Then the boys have to serve at 7pm mass tonight. Pray that the kiddos behave themselves tonight.

At least I don't need to worry about a piano recital in the midst of all the games today. They were originally supposed to play today at the National Guild Auditions but their teacher got the weekends mixed's actually next good for me. =)

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tonight was Alex's confirmation. How grown up he looked in his suit and tie. I'll have to get a picture up of him. His aunt Von was his sponsor and it's been great to see her so often over the past few months as he's gone through this process. There were a ton of kids getting confirmed tonight...I hadn't realized how big the class was until I saw them all sitting together. Connor and Kenzie got to help during the mass...they were charged with holding the bishop's staff and hat. It was a very nice mass and all the kids were actually well behaved. ;-) Afterwards, all the confirmation candidates got to have their picture taken with the bishop. When it was our turn, we had Kenzie and Connor join Alex and the bishop for the picture taking. The bishop saw Kenzie coming and said "McKenzie, you're back" in a most delighted voice. Pretty cool that the bishop actually knows our daughter by name. =)

In addition to the confirmation, Alex also had his math placement today for school. He thought the test was very hard so it will interesting to see what his class schedule looks like. We have to wait til June though as that's when they mail the schedules out although now that I've typed that, it's just occurred to me that it's already May so June is less than a month a way. Sheeze, where has the time gone???


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