Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, so it's time for our annual Gingerbread House decorating...okay so this is only the second year we've done this but you have to start somewhere, right? LOL

The kids had a great time, here's there house from start to finish...I assembled it and they took over from there...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Vacation Work

How exactly is a vacation work you ask? It's when you spend your entire time off from work revamping your house. It all started because Kenzie convinced us to let her and Bekah share a room. So that entailed moving the twins out of their room and into Kenzie's room (bunk beds got put up in that room) and moving Kenzie and Bekah into the twins old room (they kept the boys captains beds that were in there). And of course, we couldn't just move stuff around...there had to be painting involved...mainly because Kenzie's old room was pink and the boys weren't too keen on that. LOL Here's the result of all our work over the Christmas holiday...

Kenzie and Bekah's new room, a lovely light lavendar shade.

Tay and Ty's new room, a lovely blue green shade...perfect for a fish bowl look. LOL

This will eventually be Keari's new room

And we couldn't just stop at those rooms...had to make sure that every room got in on the act so here's a pic of our spotless playroom. Did some major purging in here and now you can actually see the floor.

And here's a pic of Alex and Connor's room...again notice the floor (it's not often that you can actually see it. LOL)

And after all this work, I need a vacation from my vacation. LOL

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Medieval Times Projects

Alex's homework for their current chapter in World History is a huge list of projects. He has to pick from the list the amount of points that he wants to get for his homework grade (if he wants to get an 80%, he picks enough projects to add up to 80 pts) and had 2 weeks to complete them all. He ended up doing 95 pts worth...

The first is a poster and essay on being Lord of a Manor

Second is a map showing the Vikings travels

Third & Fourth on journals on being a Knight and a Peasant

Fifth is a poster on Aristocratic Women

And last but not least a Medieval Castle

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Busy Weekend

Between piano recitals, softball and not sleeping well, I'm exhausted right now. And I didn't even do the piano recital running around. Connor, Kenzie and Taylor had a winter themed piano recital in Bowie yesterday. Unfortunately Tay's teacher forgot to give him a piece to play for the recital so he didn't get to play. Talk about being bummed...and to make matters worse, he had to sit through all the other performances. Poor guy! Kenzie played well and made one mistake...he played his scale up one too many times and was going to run out of keys so had to restart that section. LOL

Kenzie had a 3 hr softball practice yesterday afternoon and a 4 hr practice this morning. Both times, I dropped her off and then went Christmas shopping. I don't know what was going on at Best Buy today but that place was packed. There is no way I would have stood in a line to check out that wrapped around the inside of the building. Crazy! I was able to get most of our Christmas shopping done this weekend...not that there was a lot to do since we bought our big family gift of the kayaks back in the summer. Hopefully the kids won't be disappointed come Christmas morning when there is only 1-2 gifts for each of them under the tree.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Tyler was being creative yesterday. He loves making these stars and I thought it was very creative of him to turn it into a starfish. =)


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