Monday, October 23, 2006

Drs Appts

Both Bekah and Kearsyn had drs appts today...Bekah for her 2yr check up and Kearsyn for her 2wk check up. Kearsyn's doing great! No more jaundice, weighs 8lbs 7oz...up almost a pound from last week...and is 19 3/4in long. She's grown over an inch since she was born. What a big girl she is. =) The only issue we are currently having is with some diaper rash, which I've never had with a newborn breastfeed baby before. It all seemed to have started when I was sick the other week...Kearsyn got a touch of it which caused her have really loose stools which in turned gave her two ulcers on her bottom. After trying a number of different diaper rash medicines, I finally resorted to plain old vaseline and wouldn't you know that it did the trick and cleared her ulcers up. Should have saved my $10 on the butt paste and just gone with the vaseline from the start. Now we are just trying to keep her well protected so that it doesn't happen again. I'd forgotten how many diapers a newborn goes through...seems like that's all we do is change her. For once we actually have a child that can use newborn diapers but we didn't stock up on that size diaper since our kiddos are usually too big for them so we've made a couple of trips to the store for more already. LOL At the rate she is growing we should be able to use more package of them before she's too big for them.

Bekah's checkup was pretty good. She weighs 29lbs and is 33in tall, 75th percentile all around. The dr is a little concerned about her not stringing any words together yet. She understands everything you tell/ask her to do, she just won't say much of anything. She does say mine when her siblings try to take something of hers so that's a good developmental milestone that the dr looked for. He was also happy that she knew all her body parts...actually exceeded in the amount she should know at this age. He recommended that we talk to the Child Find people in our area about having her evaluated for her language skills. I tried calling today and it turns out that for her age the program is done out of the health department. They will make a home visit to determine where she is developmentally and then depending on what they find, they'll make a recommendation on what program she should be in. I'm still up in the air about this...I'm not sure if there's really something wrong or just the fact that she's got 5 older siblings that give her everything without her needing to ask is the reason she doesn't talk much. What's funny is she will imitate any animal sound that you make. Ask her what a cat says, she'll say meow....what a dog says, arf arf...what a cow says, mooooo. But ask her to say cat she'll just looks at you and smiles. The person that runs the infant and toddler program wasn't in when I called so I left a message. We'll see what she has to say when she calls back.

I'm really hoping that tonight is a better night. After a rough weekend with Andy being gone with Kenzie for the softball tournament, Kearsyn decided that she did not want to sleep last night. I'm not sure why...she was just cranky. Everytime I'd go to lay her down, she'd wake up flailing her little arms around. She's been a pretty good sleeper...considering she's up to eat every two hours...but generally when I'd lay her down, she stays down until it is time to eat again. So needless to say I was pretty tired today and I had to make the trip to the drs in the morning. Ugh! Thankfully I was able to get a nap in after we got back and had lunch. That helped tremendously so I should be okay if she decides to be up again tonight but I'm still hoping for a more restful night tonight.

I decided to do some baking yesterday and here's a pic of my rendition of the Peanut Butter Cake that Margaret posted about the other day. I couldn't make it as a bundt cake as we don't have a bundt pan but it seemed to work pretty well in the 9x13 pan that I used. It would have been better if I had remembered to put the butter in it. I'd put the butter in the microwave to soften it up and then forgot to take it out. Oops! LOL


Jaime said...


the cake looks yummy. LOL about the butter..
hope Kearsyn sleeps a long time tonight for you

xsquared said...

The cake looks yummy! Can't believe how big the girls are getting.

Margaret said...

Yay for both girls!

Good thing about the microwave in this house is that it NAGS me after something has finished cooking until I open the door.

hollyday said...

Vicki Brendan was evaluated and received services from our child find when he was 3 and it was really the best thing we could have done for him :). His teacher was concerned about some things, a few of which I was worried about and a few which I wasn't, but I did it anyway and am so glad I did! That's how we found out he needed glasses (which cleared up some of the problems) and where he got his fine motor skills and speech therapy. Both improved dramatically in the year he had home visits :). Good luck and ((Hugs))

hollyday said...

Hi again! I'm replying over here to your comment in my blog so you'll see it LOL ;). If your child find is like ours and she does qualify for speech they'll probably do home visits. Here they use criteria (can't remember what) to determine if the child would do better in a class-like setting with other kids, or at home with one on one work. I know several other kids who also had home visits--I think it's probably the norm. Hopefully home visits would make it easier for you and Andy to coordinate with all the other activities :). ((hugs)) and let us know how it goes :)


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