Sunday, October 22, 2006

Same Stuff, Different Day

Kenzie has another early softball game today and the other kiddos have early CCD classes so that means another early morning for me. Ugh! Thankfully Andy was able to drop the kids off at their classes as he was leaving to take Kenzie to her game so at least I didn't have to have Kearsyn and Bekah ready and out of the house quite so early. That bought me about an hour so I was actually able to take a shower...something that has turned into a novelty these days. LOL Alex's class ends a half hour later than everyone elses so we ate some donuts and talked while waiting for him. Everyone had to come look at Kearsyn. They all commented on how much she looks like everyone else. There's definitely no denying that she is related to the other kids. LOL Not planning on doing much at all today other than some laundry as it seems to have multiplied here lately. Then I'm sure Connor will be watching football games this afternoon so I'll probably watch some with him. Not sure when Kenzie and Andy will be home...depends on whether her team wins or not...if they win, they keep playing...if they lose, they come home. I think they have the potential to play three games today if they win them all although the chances of that happening are pretty slim. But at least she's having fun.

Update on Kenzie's first game - they ended up losing...and by the slaughter rule, poor no more games today. I'm sure Andy will give more details when he gets back. For now, he's off to take Kenzie around Salisbury and show her the places we used to hang out at while we went to college the Salisbury Zoo and the city park (adjacent to the zoo).


Margaret said...

Sounds like Kenzie had a good day despite the loss.

Sara Laughs said...

How funny, I have relative who live in Salisbury. I've been to that zoo. My sister had her toes nipped by an ostrich there when we were little. Small world, hey?


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