Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yes, Alex and Sara finally got together to go skating this afternoon. No problems getting into the rink this time. Andy did think that they were mad at each other, though, when Alex called an hour after being dropped off to say that they were done. Turns out they were both just tired. Guess they don't understand the value of getting the most for your money yet...they lost out on an hours worth of skating that they'd paid for. Oh to be young and so carefree. LOL They then went to Dairy Queen to have ice cream before heading home.

In addition to that going on, Kenzie had softball practice in the morning, Connor had select baseball tryouts in the afternoon, Kenzie and I went to 5pm mass where she abandoned me to go help a friend serve, then Alex got dropped off to youth group while the rest of us went to watch Connor play indoor soccer, then afterwards Connor got dropped off at youth group. Then Andy picked them both up and headed over to Alex and his indoor soccer game...Connor went along to watch. Whew, we did alot of driving around and crossing over each other but it was a good day.


~Tammy said...

Good that Alex and Sara finally had a chance to get together. DQ sounds heavenly right about now.

Busy busy busy is your life, eh?

Martha said...

Ice skating is exausting if you aren't used to it.


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