Sunday, January 20, 2008

Party Time

We had a birthday party today with family to celebrate both Alex's and Kenzie's birthday. It's really tough nowadays to find a day and time that is good for everyone to get together...especially with our crazy schedule. We had to fit the party in between Kenzie's softball practice, Connor's indoor soccer game and youth group. All in all, it was a nice got some nice gifts, Alex got a speaker for his ipod, a book, Hyperdash, some playstation games and a really nice sweat jacket (he better keep an eye on this one cause I really like it. LOL) Kenzie got a playstation game, a dance game, pj's, Eye Clops (which she really, really wanted), a watch and some hair stuff.

The party did mess up Alex's skating plans for the day, though. We didn't realize when he made them that Sunday skate hours were during the afternoon, not the evening, so he would have been skating at the time of the party. He had to tell poor Sara that he couldn't make it today but they did make plans to go either next Friday or Sunday...let's hope things work out better next weekend for them.

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