Monday, January 21, 2008

No Work Today

Yay! I could get used to staying at home...I've been home from work since Thursday. We had to reschedule Bekah's speech appt from Friday to Thursday so I got to work from that day which as it turned out was a blessing since we had snow and it would have taken me forever to get home from work if I'd been there. Friday is my normal day to work from home...and today is for the Martin Luther King holiday. I'm glad for the extra day as I'm feeling kind of weird...very dizzy and lightheaded. I'm guessing it's the progesterone I'm taking but I don't remember it having this dramatic an effect in the past.

Andy and the boys are at my parents house helping to clear out a blocked dryer vent and install some attic fans. The girls and I are just hanging out here at home...I'm actually trying to get my blog somewhat updated...have had a bunch of posts that I've wanted to make just never organized them. I've knocked out quite a few so far this morning. =)

1 comment:

~V said...

oh bliss! I'm so glad to hear you've been home for a few days, you deserve it! Enjoy!


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