Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cake or Football Anyone?

We had my family over to celebrate all the October & November birthdays. This was supposed to be our free weekend but the rain the previous weekend pushed everything back to this weekend. Kenzie is upset because it meant that she had miss seeing her new cousin because she had to be in Virginia for her softball tournament. I told her I'd take her over to see another weekend but she wasn't thrilled about it. So while Andy, Kenzie and Connor headed to Virginia, I tried to get the house in some semblance of order to have people over. When everyone arrived, we had to celebrate quickly as Tyler had a football game to go to.

Here's a picture of our combined cake and one of Keari trying out her own special cake. She wasn't too thrilled with getting all messy but she did get into at the end.

Then I had to leave everyone to get Tyler to his football game on time. He is really enjoying playing flag football this year. And what a lovely day to be outside for a while. Not nearly as cold as it was yesterday.

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