Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Speech Class

Bekah had another speech class today...I think this makes her third since she transitioned to the new program and new teacher. I'm very thankful that she likes this teacher much, much better than her previous. She actually talks to this one so that is a huge improvement since she was like a little clam with her other one. She's excited because she has her own book into which the teacher puts her homework. She thinks she's such a big girl....going to school with a backpack and a book. LOL

Today is my first of three days working from home this week. Had to switch Bekah's speech class from her normal day on Friday to today because her teacher is going to a conference tomorrow Friday. Tomorrow Bekah has a hearing test at 12:30 to which Andy can't bring any of the other kids. And Friday, I have a conference with Alex's algebra teacher. He ended up with a 79 for his first marking period grade but I'm concerned that his last several test grades have been declining below the C mark. Interested to see if she has any thoughts on how to correct this.

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