Friday, November 23, 2007


I really hate pc viruses. It's totally our fault because we forgot to install the virus program on the kids computer when it got hooked back up to the internet...for awhile it was just being used to play pc games on. It took me all day but I was able to get it mostly cleaned up...there is still something on it because it's keeps popping up bogus microsoft windows center virus alerts. I'm not sure where it is though because the two virus programs we are using aren't finding it. I even tried to manually look for the files in the registry and I can't find them. It's a puzzle at the moment but I'm going to let it go for now cause I'm sick of dealing with it.


KreativeMix said...

you'll fix it later

Meari said...

Knock on wood... I haven't had a virus in years. I don't envy you.


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