Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Test Day

Today was Alex's 3 hr placement test for school. Even though he wasn't able to make it through all the questions in some of the sections in the time that was allotted to him, he's feeling pretty about the questions he did answers. He gets very nervous when taking tests, and this is really his first standardized test in about 5 yrs so he's not at all used the format, so I'm just happy that he's happy about how he did. The school uses this test to determine how they will confirm their classes for next school year. He has to take the math placement test on May 3rd and thankfully that one is just an hour test.

I spent the morning in library while waiting for Alex to finish up. I figured there was no sense in me driving 40 minutes home to turn around and drive 40 minutes back a little over an hr later. It was a nice relaxing morning...I got to read a book and purused some of the newspapers although they were filled with stories of the Virginia Tech shootings. They were quite sobering to read.

Now it's time for the evening craziness...Kenzie is at extended choir practice. Connor didn't go with her as he's not feeling well. Guess that bug finally caught up with him although it's given him a sore throat and an earache. Alex, Tay and Ty are off baseball practice. Opening day is this Saturday so they are all getting ready for their first game. Alex has his drs appt tomorrow to get his ankle looked at so I told him I wants tons of running around at practice tonight so that he's hobbling when we go in there tomorrow. I figure if we are going to take the trouble to go see a specialist, he might as well be able to see something wrong when we are there, right? I know, I'm a bad mommy. ;-)


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I hope the ankle is okay!

Meari said...

Hopefully nothing is wrong with the ankle, you bad mommy. ;-) Sounds like Alex did pretty good with his placement test.


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