Saturday, April 14, 2007

Long overdue update

Things have just been crazy here lately. It's been a rough year but we've made some changes and I'm hoping things are starting to smooth out some.

Here's a quick up date on what's been going on (or not so quick now that I see how much I've written. Yikes!):

Alex got accepted into the Catholic High School that he applied to...I think I told you guys that he was applying. He has to take a 3hr placement test next Wednesday and then has to take a math placement test sometime in May. We still have to figure out to pay for this but we did apply for financial through the diocese and the school so hopefully we'll get something from either one or both of them. Alex has also become a jr volunteer firefighter. We haven't quite worked out what all that entails but he's gone to a few meetings and he's allowed to do some of the training sessions. Since baseball season has started back up again, that of course means that Alex's ankle is hurting him again. Happens everytime he plays a sport. We took him to his pediatrician the other day who has referred us to a specialist He thinks he has an issue with a ligament in his ankle. He has an appt to get it looked at next Thursday. Alex's confirmation is coming up on May 3. My sister is his sponsor which has been nice because she's been over once a month to go parent/sponsor days with him.

Connor and Kenzie had their big choir festival in Frederick in February. This is where 4 choirs from around the state get together for the day to practice then give a combined concert that night. It's awesome! They've also done a couple of piano recitals (along with Tyler) with another one coming up next month.

Kenzie has her first softball tournamment of the year this weekend. Our course the games tomorrow will most likely get rained out with this nasty storm that is heading our way...Andy called a little while ago to say the it was already raining where they are. So far they've played two games today with on more to go. Unfortunately they've lost both games so far.

Bekah is doing great. She's still doing speech therapy twice a month and she is now talking up a storm. She's babbles so much now that it makes me wonder why we were so anxious to get her was kind of nice to have her quiet. LOL Actually, it makes communicating so much easier with her now. And it's funny because as soon as she started talking she stopped using the majority of the sign language that we had taught here. Guess she figured that she didn't need it anymore since she now can say the words. There are still a few signs she uses but not many.

Kearsyn is now 6 months where has that time gone?? She had her check up last week and now weighs 16lbs 3oz and is 25in long. She can sit on her own and thinks she is such a big girl in doing so. LOL No interest in rolling over yet. And she still hardly eats anything. I still have milk in the freezer that I pumped back in November...makes me wonder why I'm still pumping as we seem to have plenty in reserve. LOL I think she is trying to cut some teeth as she is constantly chomping on something...she is particularly fond of your shoulder and chin. She also likes to try and shove her entire fist in her mouth. Silly girl!

Andy is getting ready to go on his annual vacation with his dad. They are going to the Grand Canyon this year and are leaving May 4 or maybe it's the 5th. I can't remember as it had to get changed because of Alex's confirmation. This means I'll get to spend the week at home with the kids. Wonder what trouble we can find to get into. ;-)

Things at work are finally starting to settle down. I think we've finally gotten out of the mode of putting out fires everyday and can focus on the work we are supposed to be doing. It's been a tough year so far with getting the news of my bosses cancer...latest report is that the radiation and chemo have not been able to shrink the tumor at all so they are looking for a new drug to try him on. I also found that another friend I used to work with has had is cancer come back and has metastized to other areas. He's now diagnosed at stage 4 which totally depresses me. On the good news front, my sister is going to have a baby. Her due date is Halloween whch would 5 members of our family with October birthdays if the baby comes then.

I'm sure there is more but that's all I can think of for now. I'll try to see if I can get a few pictures up so you can see how much the little ones have grown.


Deirdre said...

Sounds like you have been running like a crazy person;) I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your week with the kiddos in May.

~Velda said...

Sorry about your friend hon (((Hugs))) sounds like everything else in your life, despite being busy, is going really well. I enjoyed reading your update!

Margaret said...

Thanks for the update. Goodness you all are busy!!!

my4blessings said...

You are amazing, Vicki, keeping up with everyone. Glad to read an update on your family!

Floss said...

Oh it's Vicki! So lovely to catch up on al your family news.


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