Friday, April 20, 2007

Specialist Appt

Alex had his specialist appt yesterday to get his ankle looked at. Nothing diffinitively came out of because, of course, it didn't hurt yesterday. That's the problem with having to wait for an the time you get in, the pain has generally gone away. He say that there has to be something going since it's been such a pervasive problem for the past couple of years. He's speculating that it has something to do with his growth plate but he couldn't confirm that with the x-rays he did yesterday. We are scheduled to have a CT scan done on Monday so hopefully that will show something conclusive as to what is causing he periodic pain. He also gave Alex a brace to wear which Alex is loving! He says his ankle feels great and was even able to go for a 6 mile walk with his dad last night.

I get to go to the dentist in a couple of hrs to have my crown work started. I'm hoping that will alleviate the pain I've been having while eating on that side. That will make two crowns on that side in less than 2 yrs. Let's just hope the other side doesn't decide to start acting up. ;-)


Martha said...

With those crowns you could be a queen! Okay, maybe not.

Meari said...

Let's hope you don't need anymore dental work for a while! Doesn't sound like much fun to me. *knock on wood* I've been pretty lucky in that dept.


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