Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Bug in the House

A stomach bug, that is. Yuk! So far it's hit 5 of the kids and me twice...started with me and came back to me last night. How'd I get so lucky??

Whew it's been raining cats and dogs here all day. So far we've gotten over 2.5 inches and our back yard looks like a wonderful place for ducks to hang out. Amazing how much water is laying out there. And I don't think the chickens are enjoying all this wet weather, either.

The kids all went to the eggstravaganza at our church this afternoon. It got postponed last weekend due to snow...still can't believe we actually had snow Easter weekend. It would have gotten postponed again this weekend due to the rain but they decided to hold it in the hall. The kids came home with bags of candy and all kinds of goodies that they'd won some of which included a really nice backpack that Connor won, a big chocolate cake that Tyler won and a plate full of cookies that Taylor won.

I stayed home with Kearsyn...was hoping to get a little nap in since I was up most of last night not feeling well but Keari had other plans. I ended up going through all the clothes in the twins rooms and cleaning out their drawers. Also went through a bunch of boxes of baby clothes that had been given to us. Got tons of boxes of too small clothes ready to go back in the attic. Now if I could only find our 3T girl clothes up there we'd be all set. That size seems to have completely vanished while the <12 month girl clothes seems to have multiplied while they were in the attic.


velda said...

gosh she is sooooooo cute!!!!!! better rain than snow! lol

Jaime said...

look how big she is getting.
oh no. so sorry you are sick again. ((HUGS)) hope once it gets warmer out and the windows can open that the house can be aired out and the sickness gone from your house.
sounds like the kids had a great time despite the weather outside!

~Tammy said...

It has been way too long since I've been to your blog.

Look at how big Kearsyn has gotten. Where does the time go?? What a beauty. I love the 'no hair' look. Alyssa was bald for the longest time and just soo cute too.

Big hugs, hon

wiccanstitcher said...

It's great to see you posting again Vicki! What a beautiful little girl you have there, very happy looking. I missed seeing you around.


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