Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gorgeous Weather

The beginning of this week has been sooo beautiful! It was down right hot on Monday and Tuesday which has made the kids evening baseball games delightful to attend. Connor and Alex both had games on Monday and Kenzie had practice. Kearsyn and Bekah were really good at the boys games considering that we had to be there for a few hours. It was fun watching the boys play although both their teams lost. Connor had and awesome hit his first time up to bat, first pitch of the game. I did come to the conclusion that Connor's team really needs some lessons on how to slide into a base after he basically rolled head of heels during his attempt and another kid did a face during his. Luckily neither one were hurt and it was quite comical to watch. LOL Then there was a whole series of errors strung together that was hilarious. At one point, they had two kids on 2nd base. After a lot of back and forth between first, second, third, first, third, home...the play finally ended with the kid getting tagged out at home. Alex's team didn't fair much better but he looked pretty good at catcher. His brace seems to be working out pretty well as he didn't have any complaints about his ankle after the game.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

LOL at the baseball game.

I'm also loving the weather! And with longer days the kids spend much time outside. VERY nice indeed.


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