Friday, December 08, 2006

First Bottle

Kearsyn had her first bottle today and she was not thrilled about it. After pushing the nipple out of her mouth for awhile, she finally sucked in and discovered that she could get some milk out of it. After drinking about an ounce, she made the mistake of opening her eyes, because instead of finding me looking at her, she found her daddy instead. She didn't like that either, poor thing, and started crying. LOL She only ate about 1.5 oz before giving up so she was starving by her next feeding and was much happier when mom gave it to her the way she was used to. Guess we'll have to practice that bottle thing some more. Good thing I still have 3 weeks before I go back into the office. ;) We'll probably give her a bottle a day or every other day so she'll be used to it by the time I go back.


Margaret said...

Poor Kearsyn! I know with a little practice she'll do splendidly. And won't cry when she finds daddy at the other end of her meals!

Sara said...

If I knew Andy better I'd crack a joke here but since I don't, I won't. Here's hoping Kearsyn adjusts easily for you.


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