Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tailgate Repair

The tailgate panel on my car has been falling off for I don't know how long because the clips at the top that are supposed to hold it to the metal frame had broken. It used to be one was broken which was okay because there were still three others to hold it in place. One by one they've all broken until the panel was hanging loosely from the top. I finally bought a repair kit the other week and decided to replace the clips today. Simple enough to pop out the broken clips and pop in the new ones, right? Of course not! The holes that the top clips go into had also broken so even with new clips, the panel still wouldn't stayattached to the frame. The repair kit I got had a way to repair these holes as well but it entailed taking the whole panel off, placing metal brackets over the old holes, screwing those brackets into place, replacing all the and bottom...and then finally attaching the panel to the frame again. I've included pics of the instructions that came with the repair kit (not the best pics since I was teying to take them one handed while holding the baby). They may look simple enough but it was a pita to actually do. And let me tell, those self drilling screws leave alot to be desired. But I'm happy to report that I was able to get it repaired and my tailgate panel is nice and snug on the frame again. Yay!

On the work front, I received a phone call phone from my boss's boss today (he thinks I actually work for him and not my boss and who's going to argue with him since he's the VP of the department. LOL) He was very excited to know that I was available for work again and had a list of things for me to do. I also had a coworker call me yesterday wanting me to help her redo a report so I'm not lacking for things to do while home. Now I just need to get my brain out of baby mode and back into work mode which isn't the easiest thing to do.

I had an ortho appt today which has resulted in me wearing my retainer full time again. I've been complaining about a couple of teeth still touching and my bite feeling off by the end of the day since my braces came off so he's thinking that my teeth are still trying to shift. So now instead of wearing my retainer just at night now I get to wear it full time for the next three at which point he'll reevaluate how things are going. I don't really have an issue with wearing it full time cause after all the money I spent getting my teeth straightened, I certainly want them to stay that way.

It sure has gotten windy here today. We have a huge front going through which is bringing in cold weather. Once this front gets past it' supposed to get somewhat nice again. I just looked at weatherbug and we currently have winds blowing at 20+ mph and we had a 41+ mph gust at some point today. I'm glad we don't have anything out there that can blow around although I hate to think about what this wind is doing to our poor Christmas lights.

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Sara said...

You go Girl! I'm impressed you fixed that by yourself. Awesome!


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