Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pleasantly Surprised

Kearsyn didn't do as bad last night as I feared. She was only up once and went right back to sleep after eating. She's feeling much better today, thank goodness.

I received a phone call from work this morning and ended up spending the majority of the afternoon and evening logged into work trying to fix a programming problem. I finally figured out what was wrong with one of the files but I'll have to log back in tomorrow to fix the other file. I was too tired at that point to do more. This actually helps me because I was going to be short on leave and working some from home help me be able to stay off until after the new year without taking unpaid leave, which we can't afford for me to do.

The kids had their piano practice today and came home with a surprise. I mentioned in an earlier post that on Friday they played with their teacher a little at the store he was playing in. Well, the store gave each one of the kids $5 for playing there. How nice is that?

Nothing much else happening here...Taylor had Secret Garden today and we forgot to take the van in to get the oil changed. Oops! We'll try to remember to drop it off tomorrow.


velda said...

I'm so glad that K slept! That's awesome...sorry you had to work but in the end it was to your advantage, that's great! I still think the US short maternity leaves SUCK!

Andy said...

But why should we ask someone else to pay (through higher taxes or higher prices) for us to stay home with babies we decided to have? I even think the government's law forcing employers to allow for 16 weeks of unpaid leave is too much government involvement. Obviously, with 7 kids, this maternity leave issue hits us harder than many people, but it is not anyone elses' responsibility, to be forced upon them through governement interfernce. We welcome the help of those who choose to help, but don't expect that help to come from unwilling sources, only through the grace of God (Whose work is evident in that Vicki has been given an assignment that will eliminate her need to take unpaid leave).

Sara Laughs said...

What a nice surprise for the kids to get a little money for their playing.

I'm glad you were able to get a little work done so you can stay home a wee bit longer. We had a nurse who was pregnant and I could tell from things she said that it was going to be hard for her to leave the baby and come back to work and sure enough, she didn't return. It's difficult, isn't it? Praying your return is smooth.

Jaime said...

glad she slept well.
sorry you had to spend the day doing work!
I think we should have a longer maternity leave in the US ( and it be paid)

my4blessings said...

That's so fun that the kids got paid! It's incentive like that that led me to a music major, I think. Glad you were able to do some work from home and that you are able to work it out until after the new year. Hey, come on up to Canada. Maternity benefits extend for 12 months!


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