Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crazy Weather

I'm not sure what is up with the weather lately but it sure hasn't been typical spring time weather around here.  Downright cold, lots of rain...our yard is so soggy it's like walking in a marsh...and numerous storms.  There were tornado warnings posted all around the area today.  I was on a conference call this morning when a lady on the phone caused us all to jump out of our seats when she yelped.  She was in a different area, was having a huge storm go thru and had such a huge crash of thunder that she thought her house had gotten hit.  Needless to say we got her off the phone pretty quick.

These are a couple of pics took of the storm that skirted around our area last night.  They aren't quite as impressive as they were irl.

Yes, that black blob in the water is the head of the snake
If you like snakes, tonight would have been the night to go for a walk with us.  We saw not one...but two...snakes.  Now, I don't care for snakes one bit so I was not thrilled with seeing two of them tonight.  But thankfully they were contained in the water so there wasn't much chance of them climbing up the rocks to get to me before I could run away.  ;)    Keari was telling me that as I was taking the photo of the second one that it stop and started slithering it's tongue out at me.  I'm so very glad I didn't see that!

So nice of him to stop and pose for  me

I'm so happy that at the end of our walk we saw these cute little guys.  :)

No is this way....

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Martha said...

I thought of you with all the tornadoes out there. We have had rain, rain, rain, and lots of wind and a few days of summer sandwiched in between. Our back yard has been submerged for several weeks,... or has it been months now? James had a friend put a trench through to the drainage ditch tonight. I wonder what it will look like in the morning?

I like snakes okay as long as they slither away from me and not over my foot or something.


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