Friday, April 29, 2011

Work From Home

I really like the days that I'm able to work from, but probably not for the reason you may think.  It has nothing to do with not having to get up early...or even not having to fight the traffic.  It does have everything to do with these...

I love homemade waffles and I tend to eat them each morning that I am home.  We make up a big batch of waffle batter, or "juice" as the little ones like to call it, at the beginning of the week and we us it throughout the week.  They are delicious!

Today was a little cooler than it's been the last couple of days but still beautiful nonetheless.  We took a lunchtime walk with the normal throwing of pinecones.  On our route today we saw these...

Tent caterpillars
Keari loves to play with the caterpillars and is anxiously awaiting when they are big enough to come our of the cocoon and start climbing down the tree.  The greatly extends our walk time because it's hard to get her leave and we generally end up carrying one or two of the little critters with us for the remainder of the walk.

We also saw momma duck, although her brood seems to be rapidly declining.  Today just 3 baby ducklings were with her.

taking a break to make grass whistles
Even though they older boys are on spring break, they had an away baseball game to play today.  They were playing a Jewish team and the game was stopped at the end of the 6th inning because of the Jewish Sabbath.  They will resume the game Monday afternoon, play the last inning and then play another full game with this same team.  Right now we are down 1 run. 

Tomorrow is Ty's belt exam and Connor/Kenzie's Guild performance so a slightly busy day.  Somewhere in there I need to find time to fold the mountain of laundry.  I'm not quite sure what's happened but I think it's multiplied as it's come out of the dryer.


Martha said...

Ooo! The laundry monster!!! That reminds me of Della. My laundry monster has been tamed for the most part though it did rear it's ugly head the other day when one of my dear "flowers" had an accident and caught the corner of my clean basketful that I had left in front of the dryer.

Those waffles look yummy!

~tmc~ said...

Your waffles look so good! I've never tried homemade (probably because I'd burn them or undercook them or something--lol). Our fridge is always full of boxes of Eggos though. And thankfully my husband does the pancakes:)

Our laundry looks like that too. It never ends! Folding and putting away is one of the least favorite chores but it always seems to be there.


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