Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Time

The day started with soccer practice for Bekah. More of her teammates showed up for this practice so it was better than last weeks. And what a gorgeous morning for practice...nicet temp and no humidity. Afterwards, we came home to eat lunch although I got distracted by all the mess on the floor which set me off. Ever have one of those days where just the littlest thing can send you over the edge? Mine today was seeing paper on the hallway floor that kids had been stepping over for a week. It drives me nuts and I can't figure out how to get them to understand that if they kept things picked up as they went along, keeping the house clean would not be a big production. After much lecturing...or more aptly ranting, everyone finished lunch and then everyone headed their separate ways...mainly I think to escape having to listen to me complaining at them more. Alex headed outside to cut the grass while most of the others kids headed out to wash the cars. I went down to fold clothes, a nice quiet by myself task...which lead to putting my clothes away...which lead to cleaning out my drawers because I couldn't get everything to fit...which lead to cleaning out our closet to enable the drawer spillover to have a place to reside...which lead to straightening up the entire bedroom. Sheeze, how did one small task of folding laundry mushroom into something bigger?

After dinner, since it was still so nice out, we decided to talk a walk around Ferry Point Park. The kids have been before but this was my first time. It's really pretty there, a nice oyster shell trail along the water with benches and picnic tables scattered along the way. I told Andy we'd have to come back and bring a lunch next time. Below are some pics of our walk...

Connor acting goofy ;)

Trying to decide which path to take, right or left. Kenzie wants to go left because it's shorter...Connor's heading right to the longer path. We ended up going right.

Connor enjoying the view

Andy and the kids going off path around the point

Brotherly love

Watching the sun go down as we wait for the others to return from their off path adventure

Awesome view of the Narrows from a tower that is adjacent to the parking lot where we'd parked the van

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Kristin said...

What a gorgeous place to spend family time.

BTW, we have the same issue with people walking over crap on the floor and just expecting mom to do it.


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