Monday, August 09, 2010

No progress

Today was a very unproductive today where I actually thought I was making headway but in reality didn't make any progress at all. I'm hoping that they are able to fix all the issues by tomorrow so that I actually have some work to do...I hate driving all that way and then not be able to do anything. Well, there is stuff I can do but the important stuff that have a deadline of Weds and Fri, I'm unable to work on at the moment. And they've been trying to fix the issue since 8/1 so I'm not optimistic at the moment.

And Andy's day was just as bad in a different sense...he spent the entire day running kiddos all over the place. Ty had to be at Karate camp at 9, then it was back to the house to pick Tay up for a drs appt...and hour later, it's back to the house only to turn around and pick Ty up from camp. Then it was time to take Connor, Kenzie and Taylor to piano...which took an extremely long time today...which I think is good because they must have been going over a lot of things today but I thing at that point hubby would have liked a short lesson so he could get back home for awhile. Somewhere in there my sister arrived to help Alex do so pt on his mom also showed up. Soon after getting back from piano, Ty needed to head back for his regular Karate class...I took him so hubby could have some home time. After class, we headed home for dinner, then Andy, Keari, Adam and I took a walk along the river. It was a gorgeous evening..not hot and muggy like it has been but I'm thinking this is only temporary as they are talking about temps in the upper 90's for the next 2 days.

The kids are constantly complaining about being bored but something sure tired them out today, at least the girls, because within 5 minutes of them laying down all 3 were asleep. I should really head that way myself....

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The Pennington Point said...

That sounds like a wild day! I hope the rest of the week was a little easier. Lisa~


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