Sunday, August 08, 2010


That's how I spent the majority of today...a task I hate but has to be done every now and then. The day started with Andy and Ty going to 7am mass...the rest of us followed at 9. Kenzie and Connor sang with the choir, that was a nice surprise as I didn't know they were planning on doing that. When we got home, I figured it was time to tackle Adam's drawers...I figured after weeks of trying to force him into clothes that were a tad too small for that it was time to break out the bigger sizes. You'd think that would be a fairly quick task...get the boxes of bigger clothers, empty the drawers of too small clothes, feel them back up from the boxes of bigger clothes, put smaller clothes in boxes, put boxes back in attic. For some reason, it always seems to take forever. Could be that there is always some kind of commotion going that distracts me every couple of minutes or the little ones wanting to help pack boxes which is a nice thought although they don't do it very neatly or maybe I just get bored of being cooped up in one tiny room for too long. While I was in there, I managed to clean off his dressers which seemed to have been accumulating too small clothes over time, cleaned out his closet of infant stuff (yeah he's almost 2, so I'm a little slow in some aspects), and unburied the bottom of his crib (that was being used to store bigger clothes but had somehow turned into my oldest daughters storage place..go figure). I do still have his toy box to clean out and all the boxes made it to the playroom but not up into the attic. There are probably 15 boxes and I just wasn't up to lugging them up the attic stairs in the heat of the day.

I did get interrupted in the middle of my project by Adam wanting to take a nap so while he was doing that, I decided to try and fix the missing tiles in our kitchen floor. One was easy to replace but the other one was caused by the floor being uneven from when the previous owners did an addition. We attempted to level it when we laid the new floor but it's not starting to crack to certain areas need to be releveled. I figured that needed to wait until the kiddos were in bed tonight, which they are now, so they weren't constantly poking or stepping in it as it's trying to dry. I think it's shrinking as it's drying so I might need to do another coat tomorrow after work.

When Adam got up from his nap, Andy and him slipped in quietly in the pool...the others were all entertaining themselves in other Andy and Adam has a lovely quiet swim in the pool. Adam really like the water, as long as it doesn't make noise...he hated the ocean when were there.

Guess it's time for me to start thinking about getting stuff ready to take to work tomorrow...I don't really want to though as there seems to be nothing but problems lately. Maybe one of these days things will get better.

Tomorrow will be a busy day, Ty has karate camp in the morning and class in the afternoon, Tay has a drs appt in the morning, Connor, Kenzie & Tay have piano practice in the afternoon. Maybe it will keep them all out of trouble tomorrow. Nah! LOL

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