Friday, August 13, 2010

Fair Time

The county fair has been going on all week. The older kids made a trip to it on Wednesday and got into who knows what trouble as they left in the morning and didn't return until dinner time. Connor went to visit a friend this afternoon who lives in the direction of the fair so when we went to pick him up we figured it was as good a time as any to stop by. I enjoyed looking at all the homemade quilts although I don't think the rest of the family did since when I turned around, they had all disappeared. Tyler was nice enough to come back and get me so Iknew where they were. We took a look as some adorable bunnies and lots of chickens and roosters. I didn't see a single one that had a crazy hairdo though. I really think we should have entered that crazy rooster of ours. We had a lovely dinner of chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, french fries and hot dogs and then headed to view the pigs. I love looking at little piglets. I lived on a pig farm for a number of years and got to see the piglets in varying stages. I don't think Adam enjoyed the pigs very much though as some of them started being quite noisy which prompted him to get noisy. Poor little guy. We looked at some cows, saw some horses warming up for jumps and watched jousting. It's amazing how fast some of the riders could go and still get the ring on their jousting lance. It was a beautiful evening to be at the fair...the weather today was humidity, lovely breeze. We could actually open the windows and turn off the air conditioning, which is a blessing.

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Kristin said...

I love the county fair. SOunds like fun.


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