Thursday, August 12, 2010


That's what it was raining this morning. I knew I was going to be in trouble getting to work this morning as I was listening to the tv while getting dressed. They were talking about massive thunderstorms coming thru the area with large downpours and tons of lightening strikes. I hurried up and ran out the door hoping that maybe I would get lucky and at least most of the way to work before it hit. I should have known better as soon as I stepped was only 6pm and the heat and humidity were awful already so no such luck...I hit the deluge about 10 minutes into my drive...rain so hard that you could barely see. I drove out of it about 15 minutes later and then was good until I was about 10 minutes from work. I hit another huge down pour, it was coming down so hard and fast that even having the wipers on the highest setting couldn't keep all the water off the windshield. I thought about pulling off to the side of the road, as many other people had done, but was worried about somebody running into me there because visibility really was terrible. I opted to keep going, albeiting slowly, and by keeping the car lights in front of me visible I was able to get to work safely. The poor drains outside our garage looked liked a boiling was a bubbling mass of angry water. I was very thankful that we have a covered garage at work so I didn't actually have to get out in that mess...would have been soaked in 2 secs. I also said a few prayers as I was driving in it, one that I could arrive safely, and two, I thanked God that Alex didn't have to be driving anywhere right then. No way would I have wanted a 17 yr old, newish driver to out on the roads during that storm. The storm moved through our area in about an hour so thankfully the drive home was uneventful.

Tyler had another Karate class tonight. It was a good thing he went (this was an extra class for him to see which nights of the week he liked better) as only one other kid showed up. They were able to get lots of individual attention although I think both kids were getting a little punchy...this was their 4th day of 3 hr Karate camp in the morning.

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The Pennington Point said...

Boy we could use some of that rain down here in Texas! Lisa~


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