Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day Trip

Andy and the kids took a trip a tad south of us to visit Horn Point and the Salisbury Zoo. Andy interned at Horn Point one summer while in college and loved it. I ended up baby sitting his fish that summer. ;)

From what I understand, Tyler seemed to have the most fun...has Andy thinking Ty might decide to follow in his footsteps. Connor was disgusted by a conversation of how oysters reproduce...I'm thinking biology is the last thing that he will go into. LOL

After the morning tour, they all headed to the zoo. They are seemed quite taken by the alligators there...apparently they were up close to the fence so they got a really good look at them. I got to see a very interesting video of a flamingo eating...looked like he was dancing on his head. Was quite entertaining until he pooped at the end...was perfect timing on his part as he was spinning in circles and decided to do it right as his rear end was pointed directly at the video camera.

All in all, I think everyone had a nice day and I'm a little upset that I wasn't extended an invitation to go with them...maybe next time.

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