Sunday, August 15, 2010


I can't remember the last time the house has been this quiet in the middle of the day. Adam and Keari are both taking naps, Connor and Bekah are outside playing soccer in the rain, Alex has been playing computer but is now getting read to go to work...and everyone else has gone to my parents house. It's nice to have some down time and what better time for that than on a rainy Sunday.

While it was quiet I decided to make some cookies. Amazing how fast that seems get kids to come out of the woodwork. Next thing I know, Connor and Bekah are done playing in the rain and both Keari and Adam have awakened from their naps. Guess I should have waited a little longer before starting the cookies.

This is supposed to be chocolate chip batter but it seems to be missing the prime ingrediant.

The cookies seemed to have turned out okay and were delicious even if they were a little chipless.

Adam was in a fiesty mood after he got up from his nap and decided he didn't like the newspaper in their recycling bin.

The girls had such a good time at Ferry Point Park that we headed back there again after dinner today. This time we decided to take the shorter path.

Adam doing his best to keep up with his older siblings

Andy and Adam watching the older kids as they explore

Another beautiful view as the sun sets over the water

I love the baby footprints in the sand


Martha said...

I love the baby footprints too.

I had hoped to get to the beach today but the rain kept us closer to home and we decided to stay for lunch at church and then for the special afternoon service with some missionaries from India and Africa.

Kristin said...

Oh man do I love that footprint picture...awesome.

Full of Grace said...

I'm following the crowd on this one, loved those footprints :) Also the pretty lake shot :) Looks so peaceful! :)


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